"Nothing In Return" video live on The Berrics

In a very refreshing look at a skate part, check out Brent Hayden's new "Nothing In Return" video live now on The Berrics. While we're not comfortable seeing Chris "Crusty" Weissmann's hard slam in the video, it only adds to his, and skateboarders, commitment to the love of skateboarding. You'll also see cameos from Hugo Lagunas, Gabe Gasanov, and Trevor "Dyno" Hunter as well as other rippers from the Skate Juice crew.

The Berrics describes it:

"Everybody starts skating for different reasons, but one thing is universal: Once you start it’s pretty hard to stop. Jesse Barron, Zach Hagy, and Brent Hyden‘s short film ‘Nothing in Return’ explores the economics of skateboarding—an inherently high-risk/high-return investment—to remind us that bravery and persistence will pay huge dividends. But remember: Skating doesn’t owe you anything."

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